The 10 Best Wall Ovens

We Reviewed Dozens of Wall Ovens and Have Listed the 10 Best Options
By Jen Hammond
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    Are you looking for the best wall oven that money can buy?  Wall ovens can make a lot of difference to any kitchen.  Often installed at eye-level, they come with a variety of different features and standards you might not find on an average range.  A single wall oven can be compact or deep.  You can even buy double wall ovens, if you have a lot of people to cook for regularly!  Not every oven comes with the same features and finishes, of course.  That’s why we’ve set up a wall oven buying guide to help you find your way to the best choice for you.

    But where do you even start when it comes to finding the best wall oven for your money?  What should you be looking for?  Do you need French doors?  Maybe you’re keen to upgrade to touch controls!  In any case, there’s a wide market for wall ovens, and we’re here to help you navigate it.  We’ve taken the time to find the top wall ovens online right now.  This should, at least, help make it easier for you to get started. 

    How This Guide Works

    After our short product reviews, we will also run through a few basics of what you should compare when looking for wall ovens.  Do you need a specific control panel?  Do you need a double oven or something a little more compact?  We’ll break down all the features of the following oven models, and will look carefully at how you can fine-tune your cooking choices beyond an initial scout around.

    Who would have thought finding the best wall ovens could be so complex?  Crucially, it isn’t – you just need to know what to look for in wall ovens of all shapes and sizes.  From temperature probe controls to convection and steam clean options, we’re going to break it all down for you.

    The Best Wall Ovens 2020

    What Should You Look For in The Best Wall Oven?

    Narrowing down your search for the best wall oven doesn’t have to be tricky.  As you can see from our choices above, there are plenty of things you can compare and contrast.  The best wall oven for you is, of course, an oven that is going to fit your lifestyle and your cooking demands.  You should only ever use this guide as a nice launching pad for your own oven searches!

    Narrowing Things Down

    However, before we wrap things up, it’s important we consider some of the best things to look for when buying.  If you’ve been paying attention this far, you’ll know what some of the major variations are.  If not, don’t worry!  Here’s what we think you should be looking for when buying a wall oven in 2020.

    Wall Oven Sizes

    Of course, a specific size is never going to fit all.  If you have kitchen units in place and there is space for a wall oven, you may find there are standard sizes you can pick from.  But what if you need something bigger, or smaller?  You can purchase single ovens for basic cooking.  Or, you can purchase a double oven system which will let you cook several meals at once.  Naturally, in 2020, you’ll find that the more technology you demand, the higher the price you’ll pay.

    Type of Heating and Energy Supply

    You can also narrow down wall ovens based on how they actually cook your food!  You can generally split ovens into gas and electric.  However, you can narrow down electric oven systems into convection, true convection and standard.  What’s the difference?  Often the speed of cooking, and the evenness of temperature distribution.  Many people prefer convection cooking as they can deliver the most even temperature.  However, there really are no right or wrong answers here.  People who use convection fan ovens may tell you that they are the most efficient at heating up food.  Other systems may even come with a temperature probe to help you monitor how efficient your oven really is.  If you’re interested in finding the most even baking ovens available, go for convection.

    Door Types

    Yes!  You can narrow down wall ovens into the type of door they come with.  A French door system is likely easiest to swing open.  However, you can also buy ovens with side swing doors.  Many people prefer these to drop downs for ease of use.  However, the oven you buy shouldn’t just depend on the door.  It’s a factor you will need to consider for oven space and ease of access, but don’t let it sway your decision!

    Wall Oven Capacity

    Oven capacity is a huge point to consider.  Most ovens will let you know how much they can hold in terms of cubic feet.  However, this can vary from single ovens to double ovens.  Naturally, you should look for a large oven capacity if you are likely to cook for a lot of people.  It may surprise you how deep wall ovens can get!  What’s more, the more capacity you demand from your oven, the more money you will likely pay in the long run.  It’s worth bearing in mind!


    Oven durability and reliability isn’t something that is easy to tell online.  Cooking time will obviously vary from oven to oven, but what about durability?  You should look at what people have to say about the ovens you search for.  Take a look at verified buyer reviews first before you believe everything the marketing tells you!

    What Are the Best Wall Oven Brands?

    Of course, it makes sense that you should look for oven brands you recognise.  However, convection, gas or otherwise, there’s nothing to say that smaller brands won’t offer you great value.  You can find reliable convection fan ovens for less than you might imagine paying.  Of course, we understand that the most experienced brands often produce the best ovens.  The point we’re making is that you should dare to look at ovens that don’t always fall under the big manufacturers.

    Additional Wall Oven Features

    Of course, modern ovens in 2020 come with a variety of features.  You might want to buy an oven with a warming draw if you’re serious about baking.  You might need a temperature probe for your oven if you are serious about an even bake.  Some ovens, believe it or not, even connect to the internet!  You can control some ovens through your smartphone, while others will offer self cleaning.  There are plenty of little features and factors which are worth looking out for!

    Is a Wall Oven Right For Me?

    Wall ovens can help to make your life easy in many ways.  In 2020, it seems that a wall oven is likely to be the leading standard.  However, you can still find a variety of freestanding models offering convection, wi-fi and more.  The benefit of a freestanding oven lies in the fact that you have access to hobs and an extra working space.  With wall ovens, these disappear.  The oven you choose should fit your daily needs, and, of course, should make your life easier – not more difficult!

    Don’t always be swayed by fancy oven gadgets.  Do you really need European convection?  What about a temperature probe for your oven?  If budgets are tight, look for a great oven that does the basics, but which you can rely on for years to come.


    Finding the perfect oven in 2020 doesn’t have to be hard.  It’s true that there are more wall and built-in ovens on the market than ever before!  However, once you know the basic features that separate most ovens apart, it should be pretty easy for you to narrow down an oven that really works for you.  Look for a system that’s going to endure years of cooking bliss – not necessarily a fancy model with flimsy gizmos!

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