The 5 Best Teppanyaki Grills

We Reviewed dozens of Teppanyaki Grills and Listed the 5 Best Options
By Jen Hammond
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    Are you looking into purchasing a built-in teppanyaki for your home? They’re seen as luxury kitchen appliances, but if you cook a lot of Japanese food then it could be worth investing for the full experience.

    It is a form of cooking on a flat griddle, and is perfect for steaks, fish, shrimp and vegetables which require high heat and flash frying. A teppanyaki could be a great idea if your hob is not quite up to scratch, or you simply want a well kitted out cooking area.

    There aren’t many about, but here are the absolute best teppanyakis available to buy.

    The Best Teppanyaki 2020


    All teppanyakis are confusingly varying dimensions. Some will sit more flat against your kitchen worktop than others. Some are longer or wider, and some are deeper. Think about the space you have in your kitchen and in relation to other appliances.

    Most are one single plate with two cooking zones, but smaller plates are available too if you only cook small portions.


    • Glass Lid – Most teppanyakis will come with a glass lid to act as a cover when the unit isn’t in use. Not only does this look sleek, but it will protect the hob from general wear and damage
    • Safety – Look for things such as auto shut off after a certain time, the ability to pause the heat and lower it right down before resuming again, a residual heat indicator and an overheat cut off. Very few teppanyakis have it all, but think about your lifestyle and general carefulness in the kitchen
    • Temperature Settings – Some will be restricted to four or five, whereas others could have a general guide of around ten heat levels. What do you cook, and do you need flexibility?
    • Cleaning – The food has immediate contact with the plate, which could mean a harder job cleaning up. You can’t take the plate off and pop it in the dishwasher, so even though most are stainless steel and easy to wipe, you may want special lower heat settings which will budge any remaining grime too
    • Control Type – The majority are touch control as they’re modern appliances, but there are some out there with dials or sliders too. If you prefer to stick to old-school you may have a harder job finding an ideal model, but they can be cheaper
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