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We reviewed dozens of kettles and listed the best options for you in 2020
By Jen Hammond
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    The Best Kettles 2020

    Everyone needs a kettle – don’t they? Whether it’s for making tea, coffee, filling up hot water bottles or otherwise, a good kettle is something that should be easy to use, cost-effective, and quick to boil. There really isn’t likely to be anything much more simple in your kitchen than a good, reliable kettle – but believe it or not, there are actually a few smart models out there which could aim to make your life that little bit easier!

    The best kettle for you, however, is one which is going to complement your lifestyle as well as the design of your kitchen. What’s the best kettle with a limescale filter? What’s the best kettle choice for people who live in hard water areas? Can you easily buy kettles with boil-dry protection? These are all things you are going to need to keep in mind.

    In this guide, we’re going to take a slightly different approach to our everyday buying guides. We’ve taken the time to find useful, cost-effective kettles in a variety of different categories. Whether you need a smart model which can make a great cup of tea without much fuss, or if you’re looking for a rapid boil system which won’t cost you the earth, we’ve taken the time to run through some of the best picks online right now.

    At the end of the guide, too, we’ll consider a handful of tips you might find useful when it comes to narrowing down kettles 2020 has to offer. Suffering with hard water, or just need a lot of water to boil? Take a look through our picks.

    Which electric kettle is recommended?

    That, dear reader, is what you’re about to find out. There is an incredible amount of choice out there, and therefore, you’re likely to need a helping hand in sorting through the pack.
    We’ve therefore taken the time to look through various kettles of varying capacities and features to present the very best to you. Even if you don’t find your perfect kettles in this list, make sure to use our tips and hints and guidelines moving forwards!
    Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best kettles we have found for you in a variety of categories. It’s time to get inspired about boiling water!

    The Best Kettles in 2020 - Smart, to silent, economical to those that whistle

    Russell Hobbs 22851 BRITA Filter Purity Kettle

    Best Kettles 1Best Kettles 2

    The Best Kettle for Hard Water

    This brilliant one-litre kettle offers 3000W of power and is likely going to be a great choice for anyone living in harder water areas. This water can be a real pain, and not exactly tasty. Russell Hobbs has partnered with BRITA to bring built-in filtered kettles for less than £30. Rather than having to filter and boil separately, this kettle will save you lots of time and do it all for you in one go. It’s amazingly easy to use.

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    • Dimensions: 23.2 x 22 x 20cm
    • Weight: 1.1kg
    • Capacity: 1 Litre

    Reasons to Buy

    • Filters and boils your water in one handy system
    • Has a 360-degree swivel base for ease of use and access
    • Lets you know when to replace your cartridge

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Doesn’t come with its own cartridge in the box

    The Quest 35100 Jug Kettle

    Best Kettles 3Best Kettles 4

    The Best Budget Kettle

    Quest might not be a brand that you recognise per se, but it’s picking up plenty of interest online. Their 35100 kettle is extremely affordable, and what’s interesting about this model is that it’s dual-sided for left and right handers. There is also 1.7 litres of capacity here, which means you should have more than enough water to boil regardless of the water area you might be in.

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    • Dimensions: 24 x 20 x 14cm
    • Weight: 0.74kg
    • Capacity: 1.7 L

    Reasons to Buy

    • Sleek look, adaptable to a variety of kitchens and designs
    • Can be used right and left handed
    • Has a safety cutoff function

    Reasons to Avoid

    • The look may not appeal to everyone
    • Not necessarily a brand many have heard of

    The Dualit Classic Kettle

    Best Kettles 5Best Kettles 6

    The Best Quiet Kettle

    This incredible-looking kettle may be a little on the pricey side compared to some, but it’s well worth the cost of admission. This stylish water boiler benefits from a ‘whisper boil’ system, which means unlike other pots, it will boil up and brew without it ever getting on your nerves. It’s also cordless and extremely easy to use, making it an absolute must for any kitchen owner keen to cut down on hassle.

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    • Dimensions: 23.5 x 15.4 x 28cm
    • Weight: 1kg
    • Capacity: 1.7 L

    Reasons to Buy

    • Fantastic kettle design, very striking!
    • Very easy to tell water level and cups left
    • Very quick and very quiet on the whole

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Very expensive for many people

    The Pykal Whistling Tea Kettle with iCool

    Best Kettles 7Best Kettles 8

    The Best Stove Top Kettle

    If you’re pining for the kettles of old which used to whistle, then you’re going to need to look for pots such as this system from the pioneers and innovators at Pykal. This kettle benefits from iCool technology, which means the handle should start cooling down as soon as you take it off the hob. It’s also got an impressive capacity, and should appeal to anyone looking for a more traditional pot of tea.

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    • Dimensions: 22.1 x 22.1 x 22.9cm
    • Weight: 1.36kg
    • Capacity: 3 L

    Reasons to Buy

    • Great finish and look overall
    • Cool handle makes for easy pickup and safe use
    • Classic ‘whistle’ sound - a great traditional kettle build

    Reasons to Avoid

    • May be a bit pricey for some

    The De’Longhi KBJ3001.BK Brillante

    Best Kettles 9Best Kettles 10

    The Best Designer Kettle

    This super-stylish kettle will go well in any kitchen space looking for sleek, black corners and edges. It’s a brilliant look, but what’s more, you’ll still get plenty of volume for your money. There’s a 1.7 litre capacity here, and with 3000W of power, it’s also going to work pretty hard for you to brew up some tasty cups of tea and coffee. This De’Longhi model should appeal to any tea lovers who also appreciate fine art when they see it. It’s a modernist kettle which could well demand its own plinth in a gallery somewhere!

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    • Dimensions: 18.5 x 25 x 27cm
    • Weight: 0.8kg
    • Capacity: 1.7L

    Reasons to Buy

    • Stunning, modern look - not your everyday kettle
    • Has simple swivel base for ease of access
    • Built-in scale filter is easy to clean

    Reasons to Avoid

    • The look may not appeal to everyone

    The Haden Jersey Putty Kettle

    Best Kettles 11Best Kettles 12

    The Best Retro Kettle

    Haden’s Jersey Putty kettle is a real blast from the past. Check the variable temperature of your water and take advantage of a safe handle and system which will give you back all the control you need when it comes to pouring out brews. This kettle is available in plenty of different colours, too!

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    • Dimensions: 19.2 x 24.6 x 25.2 cm
    • Weight: 99.8g
    • Capacity: 1.5L

    Reasons to Buy

    • Classic look and feel
    • Full temperature gauge for accuracy
    • 360-degree base for ease of use

    Reasons to Avoid

    • May be a little expensive

    The Smarter 88-SMKET01-UK iKettle

    Best Kettles 13Best Kettles 14

    The Best Smart Kettles

    Smart kettles are quickly becoming the standard in modern homes. That’s because more and more of us are using home assistants and apps to control just about everything we’d normally flick a switch for. This iKettle comes with a free app for iOS and Android, and you can also ask your kettle to boil to how you’d like it to through your Amazon Echo device.

    Click here

    Reasons to Buy

    • Boil your kettle via app!
    • Adjustable temperature settings
    • Works via alarm and through Alexa

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Quite expensive

    The Gooseneck Kettle – Coffee Gator Pour Over Kettle

    Best Kettles 15Best Kettles 16

    The Best Gooseneck / Pour Over Kettles

    Referring to itself as the ‘Lambourghini of kettles’, this system certainly looks the part, and if variable temperature precision is something you’re keen to take advantage of, there are no reasons why this model won’t work for you. It’s one of the most striking looking kettles around. In terms of capacity 1 litre should be more than enough for small cups of tea and occasional use.

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    • Dimensions: 25.7 x 16.5 x 13.5cm
    • Weight: 1kg
    • Capacity: 1L

    Reasons to Buy

    • Unique look and design
    • Very affordable
    • Easy to get used to

    Reasons to Avoid

    • Small capacity

    What is the best kettle 2020 has to offer?

    2020 is here, and while you may not think that means things change too much on the kettle front, you may be pleasantly surprised. That’s because kitchen innovations are always changing! Our everyday appliances are getting easier and easier to use.

    Therefore, don’t go searching for the best kettles 2019 has to offer. It’s a new year and a new decade! Take a look at some of our best picks.

    What is the most reliable electric kettle?

    The most reliable electric system in 2020 will be one with solid manufacture, plenty of safety features, and with a brand name you can trust. Of course, branding doesn’t always follow, but you may be more inclined to opt for a kettle from, say, Russell Hobbs than any names you might not be familiar with.
    That being said, there’s nothing to say you won’t find great value kettles from a smaller brand which is just as reliable and dependable day after day. Reliability is something you should be able to easily shop around for based on verified opinions. If you’re shopping on Amazon for example, make sure to read ratings and to only take on board those views from people who have actually bought the kettles!

    Things to Keep in Mind

    To summarise, let’s take a look at what you should be keeping in mind when looking for a great kettle system.

    • Think about capacity. How much do you need? Do you need a capacity 1.7 litre system? Maybe a kettle or pot at capacity 1 litres or more. It really all depends on how much tea you’re going to make. 1.7l should be enough for most people.
    • Are you in a hard water area? Look for a limescale filter where possible.
    • How long can your water keep warm? Your ideal pot may earn brownie points if you can keep things bubbling over for several minutes or even hours at a time.
    • The look and style of your kettles, of course, is important. As you can see from our guide, there are plenty of interesting looks!
    • Comfort and safety are key, too. Look for a system with an ergonomic design and a soft close lid.
    • Accessibility and ease of use, too, should be high up on your agenda. This shouldn’t be too hard to shop around for.
    • Always make sure to read up on what other users and buyers have to say. This is crucial! Make sure buyers are verified, too, so that you’re not depending on made-up reviews.
    • Pricing is obviously going to be a key concern. Whether you buy capacity 1 litre or capacity 1.5 litres, you’ll find that there is a lot of difference in price. Look for a model that does everything you need and want it to. Don’t always be so swayed by fancy gadgets and features!


    Finding the kettle best for your home or office doesn’t have to be tricky. Take our guidelines as a great starting point, and why not take a look around some of the big online stores? Try some of the kettles we list here and see how you get on. Achieving that perfect cup of tea doesn’t ever have to be an ordeal!

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