Who Are Whichcooker? and What Do We Do?

WhichCooker? Is the site that aims to save you time and money when you are looking for a new or replacement kitchen appliance. 

Browse our expert reviews from the most popular brands and best retailers and save yourself hours of time and effort when researching your next kitchen appliance. 


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Whichcooker? Started its humble beginnings at the breakfast bar in Jen’s kitchen. Today, we consist of a team of enthusiastic and knowledgeable writers and reviews with a growing base of new and returning customers.

Our Mission

To help cooks of all abilities with sound, unbiased guides and reviews to support them on their culinary journeys.
Whichcooker? is regularly updated to bring you the best products with an aim to:

How to use Whichcooker?

We have tried to make our site as easy as possible for you to navigate and find what you are looking for. We have two easy ways to find what you are looking for:
If you find yourself lost at any point, just hit our logo on the top left of every page and you will be taken straight back to our home page.

The Most Popular Brands from the Best Retailers.

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